| Contract Administration

| What is Contract Administration?

The role of the Contract Administrator covers a wide range of possible services and projects from the smallest residential scheme through to larger commercial projects.

In a wide sense, the Contract Administrator role has been in existence on building projects for centuries, although the term was not formally introduced until amendment 4 to the JCT 1980 form in 1987.

The role essentially involves managing the contract between the employer and building contractor and the detailed responsibilities of the CA will be defined by the form of building contract and the professional appointment under which the Contract Administrator is appointed.

The CA is responsible for administering the terms of the building contract between the parties and will act as the agent of the employer in some circumstances but will be required to make impartial decisions in others.

| Our Approach

We believe we are uniquely placed to operate as effective Contract Administrators.

Our experience in the team is broad and covers private practice and contracting, allowing us to act impartially in the best interests of the project in all respects.

We are team players and positive communicators, combining a ‘can do’ attitude with a rigorous attention to detail.

We have a passion for process, a detailed and working knowledge of contracts which is supported by clear and well established systems.

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